Nothing Lasts Forever
There are certain things that you can't take back in life. And usually they're the ones that most fill you with regret. They're the ones that keep you up at night and make you feel like shit. They're the ones that remind you the type of person you were and the type of person you weren't. But you know what? What's done is done. Sure, regret is still the word of my day but at least now I complement it with a little bit of hope. Hope of what? Well I hope that I can go through the day without crying. I hope that people understand me. Better yet, I hope that I understand myself. I know it's not easy but remember that you're doing this for yourself. Trust yourself and it will be ok.

se que no me llegara, pero igual :c
  • †: Saldría contigo.
  • ∆: Me Casaría contigo.
  • *: Eres bonito/a.
  • : Eres ardiente :$$ 1313.
  • ©: Me gustas.
  • ≈: Te amo.
  • ß: Estoy enamorado de tí.
  • ^: Quiero ser tu amigo/a.
  • Ω: Te odio.
  • ◊: Me gusta tu blog.
  • ∏: Tendría sexo contigo. 1313.

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